We’re off to Vietnam!

This time last year we went on a family trip to Bali – for both of us our travels have predominantly been across the ditch so were not exactly very globally educated despite us trying to be. So, it was definitely Bali that really sewed the seed and showed us how much we love the different food (mostly the food lets be honest), the amazing culture and the beautiful people that you find in these special countries.

The time has finally come – we’ve been planning and saving for this trip for about a year so we’re bloody excited and we’re off to Vietnam for 3 three whole weeks. Our initial plan was to explore South East Asia for like 2 months however that was quite unrealistic because of our careers. So once we left la la land and came back down to reality we decided to half the amount of time and spend it in one particular country and just do it well.

It is Luke’s worst nightmare to be on a schedule and he initially did not want to have a plan at all – I think I remember him saying and I quote “lets just wing it and see what happens”– well need I say more I am not your wing it kinda gal and he has since come around (with a small amount of encouragement) and we have established quite a cool itinerary that we are super excited about.   Its not like a super scheduled itinerary cause we do not want to feel rushed or as though we are “running late” but we, slash I thought it was good to have a skeleton like plan so we could make sure we spent a decent amount of time at each place we want to stop at. (Luke’s on board with the plan now and he has been quite organised – I’ve been quite impressed)

After some research we decided to make 5 stops as our main destinations:

  • Ho Chi Minh – 3 nights
  • Mekong Delta – 1 night
  • Hanoi – 4 nights including 1 night in Ha Long Bay
  • Hoi An – 6 nights
  • Nha Trang – 3 nights

These are quite your typical stops throughout Vietnam but to make it feel less touristy we have decided to organise everything ourselves and do not want to be apart of tours or groups filled with obnoxious and oblivious people. (LOL – Harsh but true, right?) We’re spending quite a good amount of time in each place, which will give us a good opportunity to explore a place properly and find those “hidden gems” every tourist is looking for to get that perfect Insta right? We will be booking a combination of hotels and homestays. I think we started off with the intention that it would be quite a budget trip with cheap accommodation but we were quick to find out that even the beautiful hotels are cheap as chips (although I get staff rates with ACCOR which is wicked – so we are taking full advantage of this). Its ended up being quite a luxury little get away but then again we have saved for it and we are at the end of the day hoteliers who have worked at some incredible hotels which makes us super judgey and quite picky but ah well – I’m sure either way it will be amazing, its what you make of it.

So encase you hadn’t already realised we’re bloody excited. We both work full time like 50-60 hours a week so we think its super important to have things and for us those things are experiences to look forward to and save for. We’ve been looking forward to this for so long and its now soooo close. We’ve got our visas, travel insurance and our backpacks ready.

Right I must go – Luke is nagging at me to finish packing… (Our flight does leaves in approx. 2 hours) but we’ll be back in three weeks time with where we went, where we stayed, what we did, what we ate (cause lets be honest we are going for the food) and what we recommend. So start saving, researching Vietnam cause I can guarantee you’ll want to visit once you read our next blog and see the million insta’s of food.

Stay tuned, ciao for now.


Vietnam Header
Vietnam 2


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