Right, I think its taken 6 months for us slash me to stop talking about starting a blog and actually start one. It’s quite a daunting process as there is that little niggly voice inside you saying no one cares what you think or do – but why not, so here goes – we’ve got nothing to lose and we are at a point in our lives which is all go with so much to look forward to so why not document it for our fans to follow. Our biggest fans being my nana and granddad – bless them!

Were both 23 years young love everything outdoors, people and travel. We currently live in the Naki, which is where we hope to settle down a little later on in life (when we have our shit together and when Luke proposes…i’m still waiting).  I was born and raised in little ol Palmerston North (don’t judge) while Luke was born and bred in Sunny Nelson.

We crossed paths and started dating while studying Hotel Management in New Plymouth at The Pacific International  Hotel Management School, which has led us out of the friend zone and into awesome successful careers in the hotel industry. Luke is currently the Front Office Manager at King & Queen Hotel Suites, which is a beautiful locally owned boutique hotel while, funnily enough, I am also the Front Office Manager at the friendly competition Novotel New Plymouth Hobson that is a new, slightly larger hotel part of the ACCOR hotel group.

We have just bought a house – don’t know how or what we were thinking but it’s GREAT we’re homeowners, on the property ladder with the prospect of dabbling in a little property investment – we’ll see how we go and keep you posted.

We both love what we do and we think we have a pretty sick life. We provide good banter and love anything with good beer and pizza. Follow us on our journey, our daily struggles, our adventure, our travels and this pretty amazing life we are super lucky to live.


L + A

A and L 1


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Awesome way to kick off your blog guys. I’m really looking forward to following along on your amazing journey. Thanks for sharing. Super proud of you both and love you so much xx

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